“You messed with the wrong head!” ―Bowling Ball Head, after J uses him as a bowling ball

“I'm gonna kill both of you! I'm gonna kill the both of youse! I'll kill you both!” ―Bowling Ball Head vowing to get revenge on the agents for what they did to him

Bowling Ball Head (real name: Tony) is a minor antagonist in Men in Black 3.

Personality Edit

Bowling Ball Head is stubborn and uncooperative; when K asks about the manager of the bowling alley, he refuses to tell him anything and acts rudely towards him. He continues to act disrespectfully while J uses his head as a bowling ball, and even threatens the agents.

History Edit

He is first seen in the Cosmic Lanes bowling alley when the younger Agent K comes in asking to see the manager. After his four-armed associate is knocked out by Agent J when he has K at gunpoint, K asks where they were and Tony says he was just about to tell them to "screw off". K asks J if he bowls in the future; J responds that he's the MIB league champ for 3 years running. K pulls Tony's head off, much to his angry disbelief. J tries to convince him to cooperate, but he rudely refuses. After torturing him by using his head as a bowling ball, dropping him, and cleaning him, he succumbs and tells them Dom, the manager, is in the back, but he won't talk to any Men in Black personnel. J then uses his nose as a finger-hole, much to his disgust and discomfort, and rolls him down the aisle again as he threatens to pop Agent J's head off and see how he likes it, scoring a 7-10 pin split in the process. He is last heard threatening to kill the agents.

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